Thursday, December 30, 2010

Truly Thankful

There are many things in life that we do not deserve, but for some reason, God wants to give us these things. We do not deserve good health, good friends, jobs, "toys", big houses, fancy food, love. Maybe we have earned the right to have some of the things mentioned, but think about it, do we really deserve what we have in life? If so, what have you done to deserve it?

I guess I shouldn't speak for everyone, but I know I can surely speak for myself. I do not deserve all the many wonderful things God has blessed me with. A family who loves me, a dog that drives me crazy but doesn't like to be in a different room as me, health that has little problems, a house to shelter me from storms, a car to get me to and from "work", a job that I actually enjoy doing. All those things, I do not deserve, however, He blessed me with one more that I am truly grateful for, a husband, that despite all my wrong doings, all my attitude and pride, all my shame and goods and bads, a husband, who loves me for just who I am, no matter what. Why?! What have I done to get an amazing man like him? Please if someone knows the true reason, tell me. I am not worthy of the amazingness that is my husband. I thank God every night before I go to sleep for him and ask Him to please watch over him as we are apart. I hate to think what my life would be like right now without the man of my dreams.

Lord, I've said it a million times and I'll say it again. Thank you for the husband you have given me. Thank you for creating a man that loves me for who I am no matter what. I do not deserve it, but I do so very much thank You for it!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010


So I have been really bad about keeping up with this. I thought that with JCB gone, that I would have tons to talk about.....however, my life is completely boring! It's true!
The only thing I can think about that might be remotely interesting is the cake I made this past weekend. I was testing a cake that I am doing for a 1 year old party at the end of the week that is supposed to be shaped like a lady bug. I think considering that this was my first time using fondant and actually carving a cake, I did pretty well. At least I'm proud of it. Please let me know what you think!

In some other news, I also have a baby shower cake to make this weekend for a triple baby shower. I have some ideas in my head, but nothing too concrete and since I'm not getting paid for this one, I can do whatever I want with it! Stay tuned for photos!

So, today marks the 16th week down! Only 36 more to go! Oh and of course, only 2 and a half more months until I will get to see my Love again. I really can't wait for it. There are days when it just sucks so much that all I want to do is stay in the house and curl up in a ball. However, on the other hand, on days like today, when I have something to do pretty much all day, I'm golden! And since I'm busy the rest of the week, I have a feeling that next Tuesday will come sooner rather than later!


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Life as of late

So I used to be real good at keeping up with this but for some reason I just have been lazy......or maybe nothing exciting has happened in my life that I want to share with the world....ok the two or three people that read this. ha

Today marks 3 months down and only 9 more to go.....I guess this is kind of getting me ready for being pregnant now with a 9 month wait.....right?! Either way, in that time, JCB and I will be whole again! I can't hardly wait for it.

Speaking of JCB, We have recently celebrated our 9 month anniversary. It's crazy to me to think that this time last year I was engaged and waiting to marry the man of my dreams and now today, I have him (kinda). God is so stinkin' awesome. He really knows what he is doing.

I babysat last night for the first time in over a year and a half. My last family had 6 children and I loved watching them. Last night though, I watch two little boys who were pretty easy to entertain. I really didn't have to do much! Why is it though, that at 830 when they were in bed, I was exhausted?!?! I used to do this all the time with more children. Am I getting old or something?!?! I hope not. This should be a regular thing so I hope I can get my energy back!

Other than all that, I have been working on getting all my christmas shopping done, though I still have lots to go. Marrying into a family just as big as mine means a lot of people to shop for. Today I am working on making a present, so we shall see how it goes.

Til next time!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

8 months

Today is the 8 month anniversary of the day JCB and I said "I do!" Now, normally, if he were here, we would celebrate by having a really nice dinner and then spend some quality time together sitting on the couch or walking the dog. However, since my handsome hubby is an ocean away, this is how I will be celebrating the day.

~Walk/run with the dog
~Babysit some crazy kids for a couple of hours
~Talk to JCB on the phone for 28 mins
~Eat some dinner (probably a frozen pizza or pre-made BBQ Chicken)
~Clean the bathrooms
~Clean the kitchen
~Watch a little TV
~Write in the journal
~Go to bed before 10:30

Sounds delightful, yes?! I can't really complain that much. Talking to JCB on the phone whether it is for 30 minutes or 3, really is the highlight of my day. Of course, it doesn't happen every day, but when it does, it makes me smile.

So what have I don't the last 50 days that he has been gone (I only know the number of days because of my journal!)? Well, having a house that still needs to be made "your own" helps a lot! I have finished painting all the rooms, including the dreaded guest bathroom that had floor to ceiling wall paper that had to be torn down before hand and took 7 hours to do so. I have completed JCB's office witha wall devoted to his world traveling. My wonderful father came last week to hang 2 ceiling fans, fix one that was already here, hang 4 lights, unclog a bathroom sink and shower head, fix the light out side, and teach me how to weed eat the yard. Whew......I think that's all of it. See what I mean when I say wonderful father!!!!

In the past week I have taken up running out side twice a day. It has been at least 5 years since I have had a runners body (high school) and man o man is it killing me. Marriage really does get you out of shape, and it does it fast. Needless to say, I have felt no difference other than really sore legs. Jones is loving getting outside though.

So, not to drag on and on but that is what I have been up to the last couple of weeks. Staying busy and not letting my self dwell on the poop! If you know what I mean! Oh and since it's no fun reading a blog without a photo, please enjoy the photo of Jones right after his bath yesterday!

Til next time

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hot Feet

On one hand I am happy that JCB tried to teach Jones some fun and exciting tricks, but when it's 100 degrees out side, I don't really want a 45+ lbs hairy dog laying on my feet...ya know what I mean?! This will be a great trick for the fall and winter months, but right now....come on dog.....lay on the marble fireplace! I do have to say, Jones has been a great help since the hubby has been gone. He is really good for a laugh and at night he cuddles with me in bed. That is definitely a plus in my book! One thing he has been doing the last two days, is smelling my flowers. I picked some from my front yard and made a couple of arrangements. Here is a super cute photo of it!!

So what is the point in having to re-take the drivers test when you move states?!?! I mean, I have been driving for 7 years, with only a few why does that have to be completely redone!? NOT COOL!!!! Luckily, I don't have to change my DL to the new state because I'm married to an active duty soldier! Whoo hoo!!! I just have to go back to GA and get my name changed legally!

Anyways, that's really all I have to say this time around. Maybe something exciting will happen to me soon and I can blag all about it.......But I'm pretty sure that won't be so. For now I'll just leave you with another photo!! I sure do love my hubby!!!

That's one of my favorite engagement photos!! Thanks J. Anne Photography!


Monday, July 26, 2010

Oh how we take things for granted

The last few days at my house have been a little warm......ok it's really been stifling! Our A/C has been going down the whole for a while now but it finally quit on Thursday. I mean you know it's bad with the dog and I are sitting int he car int he garage to get cooled off! Poor thing, he thought we were going for a ride but we just sat there. Oh well, thanks to the A/C company we are now in a cool house! WHoooooo hooooo! I can not take a shower and still feel clean when I get out. It's awesome.

On another note, it's been 14ish days since JCB left and I am just waiting and counting down the year til I get to sit on the couch and watch tv with his arms wrapped around me. It really is the little things in life you don't realize how much you love them until they are gone. I don't care if he wants to watch the stupidest show on earth, Top Gear, I'd sit right with him and love every second of it!

So I'm off to GA tomorrow to visit with my family and it's going to be great! We are heading to Six Flags this weekend and I'm going to do some shopping with my sis! I can't wait! It's been too long since we had girl time. Hopefully this weekend will help the time go by fast til I get to cross another week off my list!

Well, that's all for now. I'm off to take a shower in my air conditioned house! Oh I'm so excited!


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Life actually does go on

These last couple of days I feel as though I have been attached by the finger tips to my computer. I don't want to clean, go to the bathroom, shop, eat, ANYTHING for fear that if I get up from my computer I'll miss a message or an e-mail from JCB. This is not how the next year of my life is going to be, is it?! It's not yet even been a week and I realize that life does go on. While part of me is missing right now, I still have a life to live...things to do. For one I have a 45lb pup that has to have someone to play with or he goes crazy. I really can't complain about Jones though. I know in some of my previous posts I may have complained about him driving me crazy but since JCB has been gone he has been an angel! An absolute perfect animal! I know people say that dogs can sense when something is wrong with their masters, but since I had never really experienced it I guess I didn't think it was true. But these last couple of days have proved me wrong. Not only do I have the most perfect animal to take care of, I have an amazing friend that could only have been sent to be from up above. Emmie and I met when her husband and JCB were in class together. (the time JCB and I met) I met her at a formal in June 09. You know how it is these days, you meet someone, spend a little time together, and you automatically have to be facebook friends. 7 months later, while catching up on facebook we realized we actually live in the same state....the same city of the same state.......God's plan or what?! Neither of us knew anyone else here and while being a newly married woman in a new town is fun and exciting, friends are always needed and welcomed! We have clung to each other and it keeps us sane! Now I must say, puppies are good, and so are friends, but the one important person you must have in your life is family. I have the most amazing family in the whole world. Not only have they called to check on me at the best times, but my wonderful sister sent me a great little package. It was very unexpected. I guess you can call it a survival kit for a newly single army wife. Bubble bath, oreos, nail polish, dog bones to keep Jones occupied while I'm having a moment, and a beautiful picture frame with me and my love in it. Needless to say it was so thoughtful, it brought me to tears.

All that being said, yes, I am sad and yes, there are times I feel like falling to the ground and balling my eyes out.....but the fact of the matter is, Life does go on! There is nothing you can do about. You have to get up every day and keep moving. One of JCB's favorite movie quotes is from Nemo...."Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...." That's what I have to do, keep swimming. I know there is one of many people that can help me with that but the main one is Jesus....He is the only one that can really get me through the next year.

If you are a praying person reading this, I have a request. Please pray that I will remember that and turn to Him in everything! He is my strength and He can get me through.

This is the last photo we took together before he left!

That's all for now!